Ghost Ship Pale Ale

Ghost Ship Pale Ale  at The Bell

Adnams’ Ghost Ship Pale Ale is inspired by one of  most haunted pubs in one of the UK’s most haunted villages, The Bell at Walberswick where the shores are littered with eerie wrecks of smuggling ships from a bygone era.

Ghost Ship Pale Ale was adapted from a recipe for Deathly Pale Ale. Ever heard of it? Well if you haven’t you’re not alone. Even the most avid Adnams fans would struggle with this one and with good reason, it never existed, or at least not officially.

Ghost Ship at The Bell Inn Murrow

In 1975 a centenary ale was concocted with an Abv of around 9%. Unusually rather than simply call it Centenary ale it was decided it’s name would be Deathly Pale. The label was duly designed featuring a skull and crossbones, labels were printed and delivered to Adnams but at the last moment the label was pulled. Perhaps the label was too similar to the symbol for poison but whatever the reason new labels were quickly commissioned and the beer was renamed Centenary ale. A few hand labelled bottles of Deathly Pale did escape from the brewery, one of which sits in the cabinet at the Red Lion in Southwold.


Ghost Ship at The Bell Inn Murrow

Gold Medal Winner at The Indie Beer Can Awards 2014

Ghost Ship at The Bell Inn Murrow

Silver Medal winner at the 2014 International Beer Challenge.

Ghost Ship at The Bell Inn Murrow

Bronze Medal Winner at The International Brewing Awards, 2013

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