Welcome to The Bell Murrow Blog

Welcome to The Bell Murrow Blog

Welcome to the first post in our new blog for
The Bell Inn Murrow.


The front of The Bell Inn Murrow
The Bell Inn Murrow

We took over the pub on January 18th 2018  and everything has moved at such a pace we’ve no idea where the time has gone! We would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone who has shown us such great support over the past few weeks.

What have we managed to achieve in the last 3 weeks? 

The first thing we did was to establish our opening hours and by popular request we have already extended those!

You can find our Opening Hours and What’s On by clicking here

In short we open every night at 5pm including Tuesdays (the  pub used to be closed on a Tuesday) and at 12noon on a Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Originally we planned to open at 3pm on a Friday but there was a request by some to open at 12 noon and we are happy to oblige. Thanks to all who pop in on a Friday for your support.

Carol is in charge of the kitchen at The Bell and she has many ideas for food. We would like your feedback on these ideas.

Suggestions so far include

  • Fish & Chips on a Friday
  • Sunday Carvery
  • Wednesday Night Specials – Themed food  nights
  • Wednesday Lunch Club – reintroduction
  • Cheese & Wine nights
  • Pizza’s

Fish & Chips has now started on a Friday with the menu very quickly being extended to include Sausage & Chips, Pie & Chips & Scampi & Chips. These are available to eat in or take away.

Sunday Carvery will be starting soon. We have some work to do in the kitchen to allow us to have the Sunday Carvery but hopefully by early March we will be in a position to offer this popular meal.

Wednesday Night Specials – Several ideas have been mentioned for Wednesday nights. We are looking at Pasta Nights, Steak Nights, German Sausage Nights, Mexican Nights, Curry Nights and many others – Please let us know your thoughts and any ideas you may have.

Cheese & Wine Nights have been suggested many times. We are looking to source fine wines and some interesting cheeses for your delectation.

We need to complete some work in the kitchen before we are at full speed and hope have all work done over the next few weeks

Pizza’s are close to our hearts here at The Bell.

We are looking at installing a wood fired pizza oven in the pub as well as a mobile wood fired oven for the garden area.

We are currently converting a horse box into a mobile pizza oven similar to this one which will be the subject of a separate blog article. Authentic wood fired Italian pizza’s are  simply the best pizzas (in our opinion) that you can get and we believe we will offer the very best pizzas you can get in this area.

Thoughts on any of our ideas are appreciated. Let us know your thoughts – just add any comments in the form below.



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